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Hotel Chaudfontaine

In 2018, I was asked to do a preliminary design for a hotel project in addition to the Grand Casino of Chaudfontaine. The project is currently on hold.

The design decision was made to preserve the original building and visually let the new hotel “float” above the existing structure by implanting a structural core and creating a closed first floor that is pushed back from the main construction line. The program included 54 rooms (equal to a deck of playing cards), a breakfast area and kitchen, lounge and lobby, 300 sq m of rentable meeting space, a gym, a massage room, and a spa with swimming pool, for an overall total of 3400 sq m.

The idea was to be cost and energy efficient by creating compact spaces and repeating similar features throughout the project. The design is made interesting by a rectangle that sets out stepwise, creating an interesting repetition in the facade, and curved balconies that recall the existing building and the nearby river.

In terms of spatial quality, we want to emphasise the relationship between humans and nature, keeping in mind the importance of the views. The whole building would be excecuted in white and quietly settles between the blue sky and green valley. Local wood and stone are envisioned throughout the design.

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