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Hello, my name is Leonoor

I'm not a traditional architect, I am a multi-passionate person with a heart for sustainable projects. I specialize in renovations and restaurants, hospitality & commercial design.

I love designing beautiful, practical and sustainable spaces with special care for the people that are going to inhabit them, the environment in which it exists and the impact of the building materials on the environment. During my studies, I always gravitated toward creating compact, flexible and innovative ways of living solutions in natural materials. During my exchange year in Madrid, I discovered PKMN Estudio who were building movable furniture solutions to optimize small spaces. I wrote a thesis on Buckminster Fuller and his mission to create strong, lightweight structures that would revolutionize the way we build. I wrote about (and dreamed of!) architecture that would be more flexible and would be faster to adapt to the changing needs of our modern society.

I ended up staying in Madrid and working at the studio of Carlos Arroyo in Madrid, participating in several national and international competitions. 

When I came back to Brussels, I started to work for DDS+, where I gained practical experience working on bigger projects, leading small teams, coordinating between clients and contractors and bettering my 3D drawing skills, while working on my own small-scale renovation & construction projects. Recently, I spent 6 months in Mexico overseeing the construction of an earthbag house for an eco-construction project.


2010 - 2017

Master in Architecture - La Cambre

2014 - 2015

Exchange Program Master in Art & Architecture - Universidad Europea




PKMN Architectures (3 months)

Todos por la praxis (3 months)

Work Experience

2017 - 2018

Project Assistant - Carlos Arroyo Architects

2018 - 2021

Project Assistant to Project Leader - DDS+

2021 - 2022

Hotel manager & Project Coordinator - Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


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