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Hello, my name is Leonoor Leus

I graduated from La Cambre Architecture School in 2017 with a master thesis on flexible architecture under the influence of Buckminster Fuller.​


I am passionate about beautiful and environmentally friendly design.


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Interior Design

I've always been eager to re-arrange my friends' and family's living spaces. As an architect, I learned how to create a functional yet warm and inviting space. I love tailoring a room to a person's individual style, with a focus on practicality, esthetic and character.


Foreseeing trends, creating a vision for the space and looking for the perfect furniture, art and functionalities are my strengths and passion.


Modern Bathroom
Web Design

I am an experienced Wix web designer. I specialise in architecture portfolios.


I've created websites for various entrepreneurs and other small businesses. I love using Wix as an all-inclusive platform for your website, e-mail list, blog, to host events and make invoices. I've had several clients tell me how pleased they are with the results. 

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+32 473 79 04 76

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