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About Me


Hi, I am Leonoor. 
But everyone calls me Leo.

I am an architect, restaurant consultant, and retreat planner.  I was born and raised in Brussels, lived in Madrid, Spain for four years, and now regularly spend half of the year in sunny Mexico. I specialize in planning & organizing holistic yoga, meditation & spiritual healing retreats.


My own healing journey brought me to the practice of yoga, meditation & other healing modalities such as family constellations, human design, breathwork, and even plant medicine. I know firsthand how transformational retreats can be as they've had a profound impact on my life.


This is my story

My journey of self-discovery started during an eye-opening family constellation where I realized how my romantic relationships were mirroring wounds I had been carrying around since childhood. To confront these issues, I participated in a 3-day retreat called "Heal Your Origin," which helped me release years of trauma and rediscover my inner strength. This transformative experience kick-started my passion for self-discovery and healing, leading me to attend more retreats in Spain & Portugal to continue my journey of self-discovery. 

In 2021, after spending two years isolated at home, I embarked on a trip to Mexico, where I found myself living and working at a yoga retreat center. During my time there, I managed a team of staff and yoga teachers, led guests through various healing practices, and even co-organized an Ayahuasca retreat. This experience gave me a renewed appreciation for the power of retreats to transform people's lives and ignited a desire to create more transformative experiences for others.

If you feel called to share your magic with like-minded individuals in a safe and loving environment, whether you're a teacher, facilitator, or simply want to bring a group of people on a soulful adventure, let's set up a call and see how we can co-create a life-changing retreat.

Let’s Work Together

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