Create the

vegan business

of your dreams.

I dare you.

Dear vegan entrepreneur,

welcome here, you brave soul.

It is 2021. The world is ready (and in need!) for more thriving vegan businesses like you to grow into their full potential & showcase veganism in the best way possible. Think about your favourite restaurant, think about that brand with the catchy taglines that makes powerful statements (Oatly, I'm looking at you),

there's a whole new generation of plant-based businesses changing people's eating pattern for the better.

Now it's your time.

I have made it my personal mission to show other vegan entrepreneurs to create & grow their business into its full potential.

I have learned from the best and gathered all the information necessary to ...



I want you to finally turn your incredible passion into a profitable business. Whether you already have a business going, or are just starting out, it is time to confidently share your ideas with the world.

Let me tell you how...

After growing Vegan Brussels into a well-known organisation, advising multiple businesses & restaurants on how to sell vegan products & organizing 3 popular Vegan Street Festivals (one in the middle of a global pandemic!), I realised there are 2 crucial elements to having a successful business:  


This is not only true for me, it is true for most if not all well-known brands. (They all have a strong image for their brand that attracts the right customers.) Trust me, I’m an architect. I know how important it is to to create a strong image for your project in order to find the right people to make it a reality.

This is what happened when the Dark Ages of 2020 struck and I first had to postpone the amazing food truck festival / block party that I had been throwing for two years and then organise my event in respect of all the government measures, protecting my vendors & customers at the same time. Because I had such a strong belief that it was important to hold this event, I didn’t only make it happen, with the support of my community it became an amazing day, allowing my vendors to sell their vegan goods after almost 6 months of inactivity.

This is proof that with the right mindset & a strong support system you can overcome all challenges on your path.

So what happens if...

you have no vision and no strong community

As an architect, I know how important it is to create a strong foundation for any project and your business is no different. You need to be captain of the ship that is your business and your supporters are the force that powers your engines.

How else will you make sure you are going in the right direction, taking the right actions to achieve your goals? How will you reach the right people to make you 

If you don't have that strong belief in your business,

how do you expect others to believe in you?

So, my dear vegan warrior, are you ready to uplevel your business? Are you ready to start building your vision and attracting that dream community?

My Brave Vegan Business Course is a four-module at your own pace program designed to help you: create a powerful vision + attract the right customers.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

The course is suitable for everyone who wants to make a difference in the world by making veganism more attractive, available and understood.

I will help you create a powerful vegan brand and turn your passion into a profit.


Whether you already have a business going, or are just starting out, it is time to confidently share your ideas with the world.


What can you expect?


4 Courses

4 Workbooks

4 Group calls to share your progress

1 follow-up call with me to make sure you achieve your goals


What are the topics?


1. Vision: define a clear business vision to make sure you never get off course

2. Value: create a strong profit plan + identify what sets you apart

3. Voice: learn how to talk to your ideal customers, vegan and non-vegan!

4. Visibility: get in front of your perfect audiences so they can you support you


What do you get?

A powerhouse of a brand

A clear communication strategy

A supportive community

A private Facebook group of like-minded vegan business people


And me, your biggest supporter & a source for many more amazing resources to help you achieve your goals.

Hi, I'm Leonoor, I have made it my mission to support other vegan entrepreneurs to grow  



I'm the founder of Vegan Brussels, an online guide and consultant company making Brussels more vegan-friendly. 

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