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Hey, it’s Leo.

I am the founder of Vegan Brussels and organiser of the Vegan Street Festival in Brussels.

Now I am coaching other passionate entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.

Grow a business?! in 2021?! I know that sounds unlikely after the year we've had but believe me it can be done. While I find it very unfair that some businesses (especially small businesses) are hit harder by the government measurements, smart business owners always find away to adapt & overcome any challenges coming their way.

Many successful companies were actually started during a crisis because financially difficult times push us to more inventive, more strategic & more focussed.

So what can you do as a business owners to get yourself through these hard times?

1. Re-invent yourself. Many businesses have changed their business model this last year: they started selling online, offering take-away or delivery, focussing more or less on specific products in their offer, ... This kind of adaptability can often be an opportunity to streamline your business & prepare better for future changes. Ask yourself: what can I do to turn this situation into an opportunity? How can I prepare best for when things (hopefully soon) go back to normal?

2. Solve a current problem. The best business solve a specific problem & they know exactly who they are solving this problem for. Many people took their business model online & helped others beat the isolation by offering yoga classes, cooking classes, by sharing hopeful & inspiring content. Many people got concerned about their health, so this could be the perfect time to offer an online health course. Yes, times are tough. That's especially why we need MORE business solving current issues in innovative ways.

3. Focus on what you CAN control. It can seem very overwhelming & paralysing to be stuck at home, seeing your business closed, missing your team, clients & family. I get it. Sadly there is not much we can do about the choices of the government. Instead of staring yourself blind on everything that's going wrong, take that time & energy and spend it on the things you ARE able to influence: keep up the relationship with your clients by starting a newsletter, take the time to learn a new skill, plan where you want to take your business next.

If you are interested I offer FREE strategy calls & I hope you take this opportunity to see where and how you can improve your business & life so you ARE one of the strong ones who gets through this.

You are amazing. I believe in you.

Much love,


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