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a better place

Together, we can make this world

(Kumbaya my lord!)

01 concept

I wish we all had the same tools & opportunities to create

a better vision for ourselves. Sadly we don't.

Living an authentic life, a life according to your own values,

also means empowering others to do the same.

Change yourself, change the world.

That's why I decided to pay forward a part of the profits I make through my work

to organisations that are actively building a better vision for the world.

Here are the people I believe are making that happen:

02 blueprint

Image by Aaron Lee

Join for water

Water is going to be one of the most valuable resources in the next century.

Join for water is a Belgian non-profit that tackles different key areas of water consumption:

access to clean drinking water, sanitary use,

agricultural necessities & the active reduction of our water footprint. 

Image by Matthew Smith

Grain of life

We are losing forests at a staggering and

honestly frightening rate.

Graine de vie is dedicated to reforesting the most vulnerable areas, empowering local communities in the process. They have planted 19 million trees since they started in 2009. You can offset your own lifespan of CO2 consumption for 2,500 euros via their website.

Organic Vegetables

Plant Power

Animal Rights

Veganism is a swiss knife when it comes to providing solutions for our current world problems. It is living in a way that prevents animal suffering, reduces environmental devastation, preserves precious resources, minimises land usage, and is healthier & more kind way of life for everyone.

03 vision

Collaboration, support and vision are crucial in making

this planet livable, for everyone.

The future is not what's going to happen, it's what we are going to do.

We are the architect, we are the designers.

Both by improving our individual actions, and by systemically 

creating better standards in the bigger picture.

04 action

I hope you are equally inspired to use your own dreams

to fund initiatives that share your values.

We need to take care of this precious planet in any way we can.

Don't hesitate to write me if you know of other worthy organisations

that could use my support.