Leonoor Leus


Your vision is the impact you want your business to have, your beliefs, your values, why you do what you, the guide that steers you in the right direction.

Then, you need to become visible to a community that shares your vision,

wants to be part of it, supports you, promotes you & buys from you.

I am grateful to have both in Vegan Brussels: it started with me having a clear vision that the vegan scene in Brussels needed to grow. Then I attracted a community of like-minded people that wanted to make that happen. How else could I have organised a festival in the year in the midst of a global pandemic? Despite the lockdowns, restrictions & uncertainty of 2020, I stayed convinced that my event needed to take place. That it was important to bring people together. To keep LIVING. Because of this belief, and with the support of my community,

I managed to organise a successful event during a year where almost all other events were cancelled.

How did I manage?

I had a clear vision of WHY & HOW I wanted this event to take place. And:

I had a supportive community that showed up & made it into a big success!

This is proof that with the right mindset & a strong support system

you can overcome all challenges on your path.