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With the person who could never find hers.

 My name is Leonoor. 

I help professionally successful, yet worn down, unfulfilled people find their true focus and excel in life.



Four-week Online Program

Find your Purpose

“Finding your purpose is less about surging forward and more about uncovering the truth you may have left behind.”


Together we dive deep into what your true passion is, often something you've left behind and what obstacles are currently blocking your ideal life from happening.

Clear your Mind

Through meditation and mindfulness, we get rid of the clutter and madness that runs around in your head 24/7. This is not the floaty kind of mediation - we are not trying to levitate, we are learning your brain how to pinpoint a certain thought or action and laser focus purely on that.

Discover your Strength

We filter down to the pure essence of what you are incredibly good at, what problem you were made to solve and who is in desperate need to have this problem solved. We figure out what you have in you skill set and what you need to learn more about.

Get into Action

Once you go through the whole process, we set-up a well defined strategy for success. We streamline the problem-solving action to its most efficient form so you can rinse and repeat with the least amount of effort and get the results you want.


I promise you will get results.

 Carine Lauwers / Unica Brussels 

“It was a pleasure to work with Leonoor Leus.

Her enthusiastic, innovative look and professional attitude gave my new brand a unique character.”