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After seeing that many restaurants needed help in catering to vegans, I launched my own business in order to veganize their menus. Vegans Brussels has grown an online audience, organised several successful events, such as restaurant pop-ups and Christmas menus. 

In 2018 I organised Brussels' first Vegan Street Festival gathering more than 10.000 people around amazing vegan food & products, good causes & inspiring talks. It felt like a block party and an animal rights march had a baby! 

Now, I want to use my experience and knowledge to guide other brave vegans in launching or growing their own vegan business & make an impact on the world. My own research and personal development have learned me a lot about what it takes to be successful and how to communicate with vegans and non-vegans effectively. I also believe anything is possible when it is done with positivity, purpose and plenty of ambition!


Yes, I studied architecture, not business or marketing. I just happened to have a natural affinity to be a business owner and entrepreneur and constantly learn more about business. As a daughter of a fashion designer and a copywriter, I guess it's in my (apple bottom) genes!

I enjoy brainstorming on new business ideas, create a vision and branding and set out the right communication strategies to sell your story to the world! 


Concept Strategy  Copy Writing  Campaign Management    Branding  Events Organization    Fundraising    Creative Initiatives  Social Media 

Work Experience


Vegan Brussels

I am the founder of Vegan Brussels, a guide and consultant making Brussels vegan-friendly. We host meet-ups, pop-up dinners, consult vegan and non-vegan restaurants in menu creation, marketing, and event organisation. We have a large online community and platform to broadcast vegan or vegan-friendly initiatives.


LIFE Vegan Street Festival

I am the organizer of the yearly Vegan Street Festival in Brussels. We had 10.000 people join our first edition. We dance, we eat and we celebrate the vegan lifestyle!


DDS+/Leonoor Leus

I am an architect & I  have guided several vegan restaurants in creating a welcoming and functional interior design.



La Cambre Architecture School

Master in Architecture


Europea University

Erasmus / Master in Art & Architecture


I am an absolute geek when it comes to personal development. I am constantly learning from new coaches, attending seminaries & reading self-help books. I  like to read horoscopes (I'm a Libra!) & not a day goes by that I don't move my body by shaking my ass to my favourite music or doing yoga, pilates or some other kind of challenging work-out.  On top of that, I travel often to indulge in local vegan gastronomy. You can always call me for a cocktail & a party!

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